We are an independent
design studio
based in France

We are a young couple of designers Mélisande and Philippe. We have created Minimum Design in 2016. Our project was to create unique objects we would like to have at home.

Studio Design - table

We use technology
to create
unique intricate designs

Far from being a simple production technique, 3D printing rethinks the very spirit of creation. It imposes new constraints at the heart of which is born a singular and unprecedented freedom.

Minimalism and

Passing with unequalled speed from the idea to the object, we work on the detail and texture with a meticulousness that refuses to the human hand. 

Processed with VSCO with x6 preset

Organic and
Sustainable material

The material used offers a simple elegance that respects the environment. It is composed of a blend of recycled wood fibers and bioplastic made from corn.

Our maim color is natural wood and black wood dyed in the mass, and we are working on new timeless color.

Essentials of

Fluid and chiselled shapes, minimalist geometries, our studio wants to return to the essentials of design: an accessible object that gives everyday life its necessary letters of beauty without degrading it.


No More

Our manufacturing process minimises waste and does not use petroleum-based products.

Moreover, unlike subtractive manufacturing, which sculpt (removes) the material to create a final object, the principle of additive manufacturing is to build the object layer by layer, thus limiting waste.

This technology allows us to work on the recycling of plastic materials into design objects ! Follow us to know our progress!

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