Merging Sustainability and Beauty through Organic and Circular Materials.

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Sustainable Materials

We are committed to creating homeware that not only embodies exceptional design but also aligns with our core values of sustainability and environmental responsibility. We carefully select our materials to ensure they meet the highest standards of eco-friendliness while maintaining the utmost quality and durability.

Wood Fibers and Bioplastic

100% organic

Central to our work is the utilization of an exclusive combination of recycled wood fibers and bioplastic derived from corn. By combining these elements, we achieve a harmonious balance of natural and aesthetic materials. Recycled wood fibers not only contribute to waste reduction but also lend our products a touch of organic elegance. Simultaneously, the implementation of corn-based bioplastics provides a sustainable and biodegradable substitute for conventional plastics, demonstrating our commitment to environmentally friendly alternatives.

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Reducing Plastic Waste and Promoting Circular Economy

In addition to our wood and bioplastic blend, we actively participate in the circular economy by incorporating recycled plastic in our creations. Plastic pollution is a global concern, and we strive to be part of the solution. By giving new and longer life to recycled plastic, we aim to minimize its impact on the environment and foster a more sustainable future.

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Embracing Endurance and Timeless Design

We firmly believe that longevity is an integral part of sustainability. By creating homeware that withstands the test of time, we promote a culture of conscious consumption and reduce the need for disposable products. We meticulously select materials known for their long-lasting durability and resilience, ensuring that our designs retain their beauty and functionality for years to come.

With every creation we make, we invite you to join us in our sustainable journey.

By choosing Minimum Design, you become part of a community that values eco-conscious living without compromising on style or quality. Together, we can make a positive impact on the environment and inspire others to embrace sustainable choices.